Project Delivery Methods

Construction Management
A project management method whereby the client retains a construction manager to provide an array of services as applied to construction projects. From preconstruction expertise to include cost estimating, value engineering, and scheduling through the construction phase of the project, the construction manager coordinates all of the construction activities - all the while acting as the owner's advocate.
The process by which the services of the architect, engineers and the general contractor are combined into a single entity; thereby providing both the design and construction through the use of a single contract between the owner and the design-bid contractor. As the architect, engineers and general contractor are on the 'same team', design-build offers many advantages to the owner including price and schedule control early in the design process, as well as simplifying the Owner's involvement throughout the project. The single source responsibility of Design-Build allows for Fast Tracked schedules.
Two separate steps, with separate contracts with an owner whereby design plans and specifications are first prepared by an architect / engineering team and then awarded through a competitive bid process to a select contractor(s) to complete the construction. This delivery method proceeds in a sequential fashion whereby design is completed before bidding, and bidding is completed before construction.
General Contracting
A traditional contracting / construction arrangement whereby the owner engages an architect to complete the design and then a construction group to construct the building.  The construction firm is responsible for the physical construction of the project, by either self-performance or through the use of subcontractors whose activities they supervise and coordinate.  It is a competitive bidding process to a set of predefined construction documents and the General Contractor is typically chosen based on low bid. 


Facility Maintenance and Repair
CM Contracting, Inc. offers predefined contracts for minor maintenance and repairs. This work may be awarded by Lump Sum pricing for each section of work, or in Cost Plus arrangements with a guaranteed fee.

Value Engineering
A systematic method that provides "best value" for the client, and it is not always the lowest first cost.  Best value also takes into consideration desired quality, longevity, and operational and maintenance costs to obtain the desired "life cycle" cost.  Value Engineering requires distinguishing between incurring costs (the actual use of resources) and locked-in / designed-in costs (the use of resources in the future as a result of past decisions) and emphasizes cost control at the design stage, before they are locked in.

As value is increased by either improvement of function or reduction in cost, CM Contracting, Inc. will work with the architects and / or engineers (as the owners representative) to provide best cost, longevity, and lowest maintenance for a given project. Cost estimates are provided for multiple performance and cost scenarios to determine the optimum Value Engineered solution for each project.

Consulting Services
CM Contracting, Inc. provides varied services to help owners determine the proper logistics necessary to move forward. From Planning and Design, to conversations with the Office of Fire Safety, and Health Services Planning and Evaluation, CM Contracting is knowledgeable of Local, State and Federal guidelines, to include extensive experience in the preparation of Michigan Certificate of Needs.